Friday, 22 January 2010


just for fun.. hehehe cute little dudes

Microsoft Xbox 360 design contest was a way of making the machine more attractive. Microsoft proposed to some art students to customize an Xbox whose 20 more beautiful achievements would be exposed in Fnac store all around Belgium. This project was one of the 20 best realisations

This is a funny print called "Wouf wouf". It's a 50 x 70 cm serigraphy, lithography and typographical embossing poster printed by hand. You can buy this one from a very limited edition of 20 posters signed and numbered

mmmmmmmm screen printing.. ♥


This stunning collection of illustration, photography, and mixed media hit’s all the right spots for me. its like a crazy mix of fantasy and beauty. i feel myself stare at these images over and over and yet i cant get enough of them, i see something different every time i see each piece.

geraldine georges website = <----click the heart to go have a peak

Thursday, 21 January 2010

look what i just found...

so i found another sandra suy image i think i might love it the most ♥

i also forgot to direct you to her actual website for more lovely illustrations.. soo..

sandra suy also works for london based company jelly
and milan based company 2dm


barcelona based fashion illustrator sandra suy is amazing she creates illustrations with so much character and vibrance as well as delicate beauty i just love pretty much all of her designs.